Delise and Hall is a commercial diving accident and injury law firm that has been representing the interests of commercial divers and their families for over thirty years.  Services provided include representation of divers injured or killed both at the offshore workplace and on land.  Delise and Hall has extensive experience in wrongful death litigation having had the honor of representing widows and children of divers who have lost their lives in the service of their company.

Litigation involving injuries or death as a result of decompression illness, arterial gas embolism, vestibular pulmonary and non-pulmonary barotraumas as well as complicated machinery related incidents requires attorneys with unique qualifications who understand not only the underwater working environment and hazards but also the medical aspects involved in the care and treatment of the injured professional diver.  The commercial diving accident and injury attorneys of Delise and Hall are keenly aware of the medical and physiological consequences of working in hyperbaric underwater conditions and the horrific realities when things go wrong under pressure.

Laboring underwater in a safe manner requires expertise on the surface as well as in the water.  The attorneys at Delise and Hall understand the complexities of the cutting edge technology utilized by professional divers. When tragedy occurs because of improper operational planning, poor pre-job safety analysis, equipment failure or incompetent job administration, Delise and Hall will discover and document the root cause  of the incident to the satisfaction of their clients and the  court of law or government agency sitting in judgment.


The attorneys of Delise and Hall will travel across the globe to fulfill the mission of their firm in providing prompt, professional and competent legal representation for divers working for commercial diving contractors  anywhere in the world including the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Africa,  or Pacific Rim as well as the shallow waters in the inland sector.Call(504) 836-8000 or 1 (800) 348-3755 now to receive a FREE consultation with a commercial diving accident and injury attorney at Delise and Hall.


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