We have unique experience handling diving related litigation for over 31 years. With this experience this is what we know.

What we know is that when a diver or his/her family needs legal guidance, counsel and representation following a casualty offshore, the diver does not want the attorney to learn about the complexities of diving as the case progresses. The diver doesn’t want his or her attorney to gain their experience through “on the job” training at his or her expense. The diver doesn’t want to teach the attorney about dive procedures, hyperbaric injury and the complex standards and equipment “on the fly”. With over 25 years experience in the court room and “in the water” we are not only familiar with the theoretical concepts, we have practiced our trade of diving law in the court room, dived the tables and equipment and instructed beginner and expert divers in the principles of diving. In investigating your claim we will dive the site when necessary to preserve the evidence of the event. We have the knowledge and experience to prepare the investigation protocol so that valuable time is not wasted. We will secure the witness statements so that their memories of the event are not lost. We will preserve the equipment or breathing medium as soon as possible so that key evidence is preserved. And if a death occurred we will contact the medical examiner to determine cause of death.

We know what questions to ask, when and how to ask them so that the interests of our clients are protected.

What we know is that if you are a commercial diver you have learned to accept the associated dangers and willingly deal with them “on the job”. We know what it takes to help protect your interests employing the legal protections afforded you as a maritime worker. We are committed to stand by you and assist you when you need legal help. We are committed to provide you consultation so that you are aware of your legal rights so that you are equipped with the knowledge that the law is there to serve you from the time you leave dive school to the time you are ready to retire.

What we know is that if you are a recreational diver that you should be properly instructed and guided from the first time you first put on a mask and snorkel. You should be provided dive gear that is appropriately designed and manufactured. As a recreational diver you learn fundamentals during your certification process but may not be aware of the legal duties and obligations of the instructor, dive master or buddy. We always seek to provide that information to you.

What we know is that if you are a public safety diver you recognize that the costs of protecting the public you serve oftentimes comes at a risk to your life and those of your comrades. We know that as a public servant you are committed to securing the skills and talents. We stand by you to assist you in the drafting of the standards of your profession.

What we know is that as a technical diver you are well skilled in the technology and equipment associated with “diving where very few dare to go”. In such an environment you should also be cognizant of the legal duties of those who market, promote and encourage the more challenging dives. What we know is that diving attorneys should be well versed in the unique areas of decompression illness, dive instruction, certification practices of the recreational and technical agencies, United States Coast Guard and OSHA regulations for the commercial diving industry. We pride ourselves in attempting to secure as much knowledge as possible in these matters to better serve our clients and the diving community.

We pride ourselves at being on the cutting edge of diving law in the following areas of the law as it relates to diving:


Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Products Liability

  • Jones Act
  • Diver Certification standards
  • OSHA and USCG standards for Commercial Diving

Maritime Contracts

  • Vessel Charters
  • Salvage Rights
  • Vessel Documentation