Improperly Provisioned, Equipped or Manned Vessel

A vessel under charter for sport recreational diving must be properly manned, equipped and provisioned to engage in the anticipated dives and to navigate the seas to and from the dive site.

The dive vessel should be equipped with a well maintained fathometer, appropriate maritime communication capability (to include emergency medical frequencies and the telephone number of the locale’s emergency hyperbaric facility) and emergency oxygen, in addition to the usual fittings and gear for a well maintained, seaworthy vessel.

Other important equipment aboard dive vessels should include appropriate means of egress and ingress, dive manuals, emergency hyperbaric treatment tables, appropriate dive tables and a first aid kit with diver-related injuries in mind.

Finally, a vessel should be manned with a Coast Guard approved crew and properly rated captain and dive master who are qualified and certified not only to supervise the anticipated dive, but also to render on-site emergency care and treatment of injured guests.