About Delise & Hall


Delise & Hall is a New Orleans, Louisiana, based law frm whose primary area of practice since 1979 involves the worldwide representation of commercial divers in all aspects of maritime law including personal injury/wrongful death claims in the United States and around the world.

With offces in Uptown New Orleans and Downtown Covington, Louisiana the frm handles all legal matters affecting the commercial diver including personal injury and wrongful death, criminal law, domestic disputes, drug testing matters and labor law.

Our recent cases have ranged from the confdential negotiation of settlement for a diver with a relatively minor non career ending injury to a $6,000,000 verdict in Federal Court in New Orleans. Since 2005 the combined awards or settlements of Delise & Hall has exceeded $30,000,000.

Delise & Hall will travel anywhere at any time to service the legal needs of the commercial and public safety diver.

To receive further information, schedule an appointment or have a question answered contact us at:

Delise & Hall
Attorneys at lay and Admirality
7924 Maple Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118
Phone: (504) 836-8000
(800) DIVER-55 (348-3755)
Telefax: (504) 836-8020
E-mail: bdelise@divelawyer.com.