Some Final Thoughts


On behalf of Delise & Hall, I thank you for taking the time to read this booklet. It has been a work in progress for 30 years. We always welcome suggestions and comments which will improve this publication and make it more meaningful for the professional diver and his family.

We have been serving the legal needs of the commercial diver for 30 years and we intend to vigorously advocate for the legal rights of the diver for decades to come. We pride ourselves in listening to the needs of the diver and his family. Please do not hesitate calling us for any reason; we are here to help. And, if you fnd yourself in the New Orleans or Covington area please stop in to say “hello”.

The professional offshore diver is the most important component of the diving industry. The diver is not a tool of the trade that can be discarded after injury much like an old worn shoe. This law frm stands ever ready to assist the diver in fully appreciating and exercising their rights.

In closing, please keep all of the working divers and their families around the world in your prayers. This is a tough business. Watch out for your fellow diver and when tragedy occurs it is important to come to the aid of your brother or sister diver.

In closing and on behalf of our frm,
Dive safe and God Bless!

Bobby J. Delise