Hiring Legal Counsel


Hiring legal counsel is often as traumatic as talking with an adjuster or an insurance company representative. It should not be so as long as one keeps in mind that hiring an attorney is just that – a client hires an attorney much like an employer hiring an employee. The attorney works for the client, not vice versa.

In hiring legal counsel be sure that the attorney is well qualified in the field of diver-related accidents. Do not hire an attorney who must learn about diving during the pendency of your lawsuit. Ask the attorney poignant diving-related questions.

In hiring an attorney one must have the same faith or trust as that of a fellow diver on the job. Much of your future will be in his or her hands. In hiring an attorney, investigate his or her qualifications from those who know best, the attorney’s past clients. Ask for a list of
the divers he or she has represented in the past and contact them.

In hiring an attorney be sure to discuss the matter of attorney’s fees and responsibility for payment of the attorney’s out-of-pocket costs. Go over the contract with the attorney and request a copy. Once again, ask the attorney’s past clients whether the attorney was fair and honest regarding fees and costs.