A commercial diving attorney is charged with the responsibility of assisting an injured diver and his or her family, typically at a very precarious time in their lives. An injured diver may be facing significant economic issues while simultaneously dealing with potentially devastating injuries.

A commercial diving attorney understands that the injured diver has his or her livelihood impacted by their injury and that it is important that their legal rights are being protected while they are also receiving sound legal and practical advice from their commercial diving attorney.

Though it is true that every diver assumes a risk of injury by diving commercially or recreationally, that does not mean that there are no legal protections for commercial divers. Divers have legal rights under the law which may entitle them to file a claim against one of a number of different parties. Only an experienced commercial diving attorney will have both the knowledge of the admiralty law as well as the oftentimes complex commercial diving operations which take place on surface and working depth. Understanding the appropriate application of decompression tables, proper use of diving equipment and adherence to the standards and regulations at the industry and governmental levels set apart the truly qualified commercial diving attorney from those who aspire to be.

Every commercial diving attorney at Delise & Hall understands that their clients are coming to them at a difficult time and are in need of legal counsel, practical advice and often emotional counseling for them and their family. By viewing each client as a person in need of assistance rather than just as a file, every commercial diving attorney at Delise & Hall listens with a trained, empathetic ear that helps each client through a difficult time.

Relying on advice of family, friends, coworkers or even attorneys who lack the experience of a commercial diving attorney can often lead the injured party to lose any legal protections or right to sue. By consulting with a commercial diving attorney soon after the injury, the diver and his or her family can find out what legal protections there are and what potential claims they have.

The attorneys at Delise & Hall combine the legal knowledge of this area of the law with the legal experience needed to help counsel a client and assist the client in making tough decisions during the course of their claim. The sound legal and practical advice offered by every commercial diving attorney at the firm has helped many injured divers and their family receive what they are entitled to under the law.

If a diver is injured, it is important they find out what legal rights they have. In order to find out these rights it is important they consult with the right commercial diving attorney.