A Jones Act attorney understands the special role they play, especially in the Gulf Coast region and Louisiana. The men and women injured on the sea are often faced with the prospects of facing dire financial consequences if they are no longer able to work and support their families.

The role of a Jones Act attorney must be more than just telling a client his or her legal rights. Attorneys representing clients under the Jones Act must also take their client by the hand and make sure their legal, financial and medical needs are being met. Often, an attorney is counseling their client as much about the law as they are counseling their client and their family in general during a difficult time.

The Jones Act was created to protect men and women hurt on the water including on oil rigs, fishing boats as they try to earn a living. The Act was designed to give special protections to the injured and their families. The Jones Act was specifically enacted to provide special protections to men and women working in maritime from the Gulf of Mexico to the inland waters of the United States to the world’s great oceans.

The Jones Act protects all those laboring on the waters of the world, the masters, mates and pilots of ocean going vessels, engineers and able bodied seamen on the coasts of our nation, commercial divers, offshore oilfield workers or commercial fishers.

Working on the open seas is a dangerous occupation, every day men and women go to work and hope to return safe and sound. Just as important as their hopes and dreams are those of their family that wait in the balance.

Injured individuals and their loved ones consult with Jones Act attorneys in order to find out their legal rights and be assisted through the system. The right Jones Act attorney can work hard to ensure that injured men or women receive everything they are entitled.

Developing a relationship with a maritime Jones Act attorney before an incident provides a peace of mind for the mariner by his or her knowing that should a tragedy occur that an attorney they already know and trust stands ready to assist them at a moment’s notice.

Just what makes an attorney a Jones Act attorney? Experience and compassion. The key to choosing the right Jones Act attorney is to find one with the experience to understand both the letter and the spirit of the act. Knowing the nuances of the act, as well as knowing how it is applied is gained through experience and that can make all the difference in the selection of an attorney.

Experience and expertise are important qualities so is compassion. While knowing how to help a mariner is necessary placing a client’s interests above any thing else sets the truly excellent attorneys apart. The attorneys at Delise & Hall truly care for their clients by providing advice and counsel on personal as well as professional needs. Assisting a client with guidance for retraining and alternative vocational opportunities are often times as important as securing compensation.

When meeting with attorneys, it is important to find an attorney that will provide a free consultation to explain your rights and what he or she can do for you. Attorneys like those at Delise & Hall offer free consultations for men and women injured working on the open seas and waterways.

The talented professionals at Delise & Hall understand the sensitive nature of the consultation and the need for privacy, accuracy, compassion and understanding. Every consultation is bound by the strict codes of professional responsibility which includes the highest levels of privacy.

The attorneys at the firm also understand the need to provide accurate counsel when meeting with clients injured and protected through the Jones Act. Moreover, the professionals at the firm know it is important to listen with compassion and understanding and then use all of their skills, talents and experience to ensure they represent the injured to the best of their abilities.

There are never any guarantees when entering a legal claim based on the Jones Act or any other act or law. The best someone can hope for is a talented, experienced attorney who represents their interests to the best of their abilities and obtains them everything they and their loved ones are entitled to.

The professionals at Delise & Hall have the knowledge, compassion and experience to represent the injured and their families and ensure they receive all the protections the act affords them. For many clients, they look no further when searching for a Jones Act attorney.