diving accident attorney very often meets injured divers and their family at a time of great need. Ironically enough, many divers who are injured or families who have lost a loved one are often surprised to learn that they have legal protections, even though they are consulting with an attorney.

Whether diving for recreation or employment, all divers assume the inherent risks of diving. In exchange for assuming those risks, divers enjoy an underwater world that is spectacular, awe inspiring, eerie, exciting and so much more.

Though it is true that divers assume the inherent risks of diving, that does not mean that they do not have legal protections and that is why it is important to consult with an experienced diving accident attorney. Personal injury attorneys are often quite talented and many could do a capable job with a diving accident, however, injured divers and their family need the knowledge that only an experienced diving attorney would have.

There are laws that protect divers and their families. Whether the accident was equipment failure, human error or a combination of both, injured divers must find out what protections they have under the law for themselves and their families.

Diving accident attorneys all too often meet with clients who are in a precarious financial position because of the injuries they have sustained. Some, bordering on the brink of bankruptcy consult with an attorney only when they reach that brink. An injured diver should consult with a diving accident attorney as soon as it is feasible for them to do so in order to protect their rights under the law.

Every type of civil lawsuit, including injury cases, has a statute of limitations. After a certain time period there is no further legal recourse for the injured person and/or his or her family if they have not filed a lawsuit. An experienced diving accident attorney will know those cut-off dates and will know how quickly they need to file a claim on behalf of the injured diver and/or his or her family.

The experienced attorneys at Delise and Hall have met with many injured divers and their family. Every experienced diving accident attorney at the firm knows that aside from providing sound legal counsel, they must also assist the diver and his or her family through a difficult emotional time and often a difficult financial time.

Rather than viewing a client as a “file”, each diving accident attorney, as well as all the attorneys on the roster at Delise and Hall listens with empathy, compassion and the legal experience to know how they can best assist the injured diver and their family.

When a diver is injured during recreation or employment, it is important that they understand that they do have legal rights which must be protected. A knowledgeable and experienced diving accident attorney will be able to use their experience and their knowledge of the law and how it is applied to work on getting the injured party everything they are entitled to under the law.

Delise and Hall is proud to offer clients sound legal counsel, and practical advice to every client who meets with one of the firm's diving accident attorneys.