A Jones Act lawyer plays an important role, especially in the Gulf Coast region.  For the men and women injured on the sea, a Jones Act lawyer can try to help them through a difficult time when they are facing the prospects of significant financial consequences.

A Jones Act lawyer has a role that goes far beyond just explain the law to his or her client.  It is important that each lawyer who represents clients under the Jones Act walk their client through the difficult process and make sure that their physical, medial and financial needs are being addressed.  An experienced Jones Act lawyer provides counseling for injured clients and their families.

In order to protect men and women who were hurt on the water while they try to earn a living, the Jones Act was created.  The Act was specifically crafted to give special protections to the injured person and his or her family.  The Act protects people injured on the open seas and in narrow waterways from the great oceans to the smallest of lakes.

A Jones Act lawyers knows that everyone is protected that are laboring on the waters including the masters and mates, the pilots and engineers, the divers and oil fieldworkers and all other seamen and women.

When consulting with a Jones Act lawyer, many injured men and women are seeking the assistance and expertise that comes through experience.  In order to protect their legal rights the injured and their families rely on the experience and knowledge of their selected Jones Act lawyer.

So what makes someone the right Jones Act lawyer?  Experience and compassion are two key components of a good Jones Act lawyer.  Experience helps the lawyer know the ins and outs of the system and the nuances of the Act and the way it is applied.  Compassion helps the lawyer listen and understand the needs of their client and that is something every Jones Act lawyer at Delise and Hall has – experience and compassion.

Each talented Jones Act lawyer at Delise and Hall, including named partners Bobby Delise and Alton Hall, understands the every client has their own unique circumstances and needs.  After providing a free consultation for a prospective client, the Jones Act lawyer will be able to give the injured person and his or her family an understanding of what protections there are under the law and what the likelihood of success will be based on any claims under the Jones Act.

Though it is impossible to predict the outcome of a lawsuit, an experienced and compassionate Jones Act lawyer can help the injured person and his or her family protect their rights and get what they are entitled to under the law.

Consulting with a Jones Act lawyer soon after an injury is important in order to be assured that the injured party will not miss any important legal deadlines and also to assist the attorney in starting to quickly determine what recourse the injured person and his or her family have.