A Maritime Injury Lawyer has an important role in protecting the interests of the mariners plying their trade throughout the world. The most important role is assisting the mariner in getting back on their feet following a career ending or altering tragedy. That role involves not only handling their unique legal problem but also involves providing counsel to the mariner’s family cope with the tough obstacles that come with legal problems in the admiralty.

Many people who consult with a maritime injury lawyer are faced with difficult circumstances including the inability work for a prolonged period of time, or perhaps unable to work ever again. A maritime injury attorney understands that his clients could be facing very difficult personal and financial circumstances which require both legal expertise and practical personal and compassionate counseling.

Maritime law is a complex area of the law which requires not only the knowledge of the law of the admiralty but also the experience to know how the admiralty or maritime law applied in the admiralty courts either before an admiralty judge or sitting jury in judgment.. An experienced maritime or admiralty attorney understands that how a law has evolved over centuries the admiralty and how it is applied in the 21st Century may be two very different things.

For the injured seaman, and his or her family, knowing they are in capable and experienced hands is important and reassuring. Obviously the mariners wants to have the confidence that his/her legal rights are protected and that the mariner is being given sound advice and counsel by his experienced maritime injury attorney.

Delise and Hall has highly experienced attorneys in maritime injury law who have counseled and assisted clients through very difficult times. By viewing each client as a person and not a file, each maritime injury lawyer at Delise and Hall uses compassion, sound advice and legal know-how to protect the legal claims of clients and their loved ones.

Some injured men and women listen to the advice of family and friends as they attempt to interpret this highly complex area of law. Though these people certainly have the best intentions, often they give thoughts that are counter to the realities that an experienced maritime injury attorney can explain.

Laws specifically created for people injured laboring on seagoing vessels or on US inland waters are meant to protect not only the rights of the injured, but also of their family who relies on them. Based in New Orleans, one of the worldwide centers of the admiralty, Delise and Hall, including named partners Bobby Delise and Alton Hall, understand the unique needs of families and individuals that make their living on all forms of vessels. For over twenty five years the each maritime injury lawyer at Delise, Amedee and Hall know the importance of their work for the injured, his or her family and the community.

The decisions that need to be faced by a mariner hurt on a boat or other vessel will have a profound impact on their life. Making the right decisions means making informed decisions and that includes legal advice from an experienced maritime injury lawyer.